I am a mime, an actor, and an announcer - not necessarily in this order. I started my career back in 1998. Most often I am employed as a mime - as such I acted in Wroclawski Teatr Wspolczesny and in C.K.Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Gora, as well as in a number of independent theatres. As a freelancer I participater in many smaller theatre pieces, mainly small forms. I also conducted pantomime workshops.

I also work using my voice. I have been in a choir for 5 years, and thanks to good natural capabilities I worked on air in a local Wroclaw radiostation (being paid of what used to be ubelievably good amount of 400 000 polish zloty - before denomination, that is) - among other duties also conducting an English language broadcast.

From the beginning of my career I cooperate with many art agencies, of which Wroclaw-based WorkGroup Agency, Agencja Artystyczna Teatrmit and Agencja Artystyczna ZAK are the most important ones. This cooperation rewarded me with invaluable experience in conducting various events, stage events as well as company or cultural events. I work as an actor, a mime, a master of ceremonies - and each of these roles is performed on ivariably highest level.   

Mariusz Walkosz